About Our Drama Program

MdN DramaWelcome!

I hope you are looking forward to a fun and exciting year! There are lots of opportunities to get involved like the Fall Play and the Spring Musical. Please explore the Drama Club and other Drama pages to learn more about, see pictures and videos of Drama activities.

Basic Drama

The full year of Basic Drama will introduce students to Theatre through the rudiments of acting and stage knowledge: voice and movement exercises, improvisations, theatre games and activities, character and scene analysis, journals and performances. The study of theatre as an art requires active and consistent participation in an atmosphere of trust.

Play Production And Performance

This full year course is designed to reinforce and refine skills of Basic Drama by learning in detail the production aspects of video production, make-up, costume, scene design, in preparation for the following performances: period plays, children’s theatre, monologues, and scenes.

Advanced Acting And Directing

This advanced full year course is designed to reinforce and refine skills of Basic Drama and/or Play Production & Performance through the study of acting, dramaturgy, performance ensemble, Theatre education, Theatre History, playwriting & directing. The advanced student is empowered to pursue theatre as a lifelong personal interest.


Stagecraft is the merging of the many technical elements of play production and the director and playwright’s vision of the finished play. Students who study Stagecraft acquire an intimate knowledge of design, construction, painting, costuming, properties, sound, lighting, rigging and all other technical aspects of theater production. They are afforded “hands-on” practical experience through PARTICIPATION that may lead them into technical careers.